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Corporate Structure

CMP International AG is developing and marketing a new generation of billing, merchandise management and professional media systems. Founded 2017 in Hennef near Cologne, CMP International AG supplies highly innovative products and services for effective digital business management in the B2G, B2B and B2C segments.

The capabilities and capacities of Cross Media Production Germany Ltd. (CMP Germany) and the Gesellschaft für kommunalen Einkauf mbH (GFKE) are bundled under the mantle of CMP International AG. CMP Germany represents the expertise in the segment of trading platforms with social media functionalities. GFKE has profound expertise in the area of digital municipal procurement.

BCT Enterprise Information Management (NL) is a co-founder company of CMP International AG. BCT, with more than 170 employees, counts among the leading Central European providers of solutions for digitalized citizen participation processes, multitenant online services, portal technology, content management and records management. The customer group includes more than 160 municipalities and over 150,000 users in international companies and organizations.

Accesses to new markets and customers. From regional to global through innovative forms of marketing.


The DiSellCo of CMP International AG is an in-house developed ERP-/CRM software upon which various front ends can be placed: online shop modules, social media modules, customized modules and solutions for data and billing management. Companies, the public sector and assoziations have valued the unique perspectives of the platform solution for years. The primary unique selling point of the IT portfolio is the focus on genuine needs in a digital living and working environment.

New: With “Clicks & Bricks”, CMP International AG has set a unique standard for the networking of digital solutions with real objects and processes. The communication and trading platform networks the “digital world” (Clicks) with physically extant companies and cities, networks and organizations (Bricks). Without wastage. Customized. With the highest efficiency.

CMP International AG – it’s Clicks & Bricks

Business model of the digitalization

The solutions from CMP International AG provide the customer with a facility for implementing a full scale digital strategy. Based on the specific target-group customer analysis we offer a multitude of individual added values and advantages for municipalities, cities, companies, non-profit organizations and end users.

The CMP International AG technology is primarily focused on these three business models:


Communication and trade platform


The interaction between cities, municipalities, companies, your employees and citizens will become digital in the future.



  • Immediate and sustainable cost savings
  • No investment and operating costs
  • Automatic reporting
  • Supply of sustainable products
  • No training needed for the users
  • Immediate use as a B2B procurement platform
  • Immediate use as a B2G procurement platform (award compliant)

Communication and trade platform

  • Scalable “Clicks & Bricks” solution
  • Revitalization of city centers
  • Adhoc marketing for local and global trade
  • Regional, national and global networking
  • Passive matching
  • Added value for private individuals (e.g. citizen services)
  • Comprehensive service solutions for digital administration


  • Modular system - every administration / every company can individually compile and adapt its own processes
  • Process optimization and immediate cost savings
  • Document management
  • Electronic inbox processing
  • Mapping of administration processes (citizen services, conference rooms, industrial processes)

Pioneers of digital procurement


A tailor-made product portfolio and services to completely cover the PROCUREMENT area for public sector purchasing – for more than 10 years.

One of the leading ordering platforms in Germany for cities and municipalities.

The focus is placed on the areas where the greatest savings can be made through electronic procurement solutions. The solution can be individually tailored to organizations. The degree to which the offered functions are used is flexible and can be quickly integrated into the organization’s network.

We will be expanding our solution starting 8/1/2017 as a B2B offer for German mid-sized companies.

Use a simple photograph to record events and immediately send adhoc messages to each target group online.

Communication and trade platform

The new generation uses just a few, conventional means of communication for the communication channels. Preferred is fast-paced communication channels that have time-flexible and autonomous components (e.g. chats and messenger). Our “Clicks & Bricks” communication platform provides all the usual the functions of an established social media platform in combination with a connected shop module. In addition, the products are marketed without any media interruption.

Design the digital, future reality with strong partners.


Digitalization of the administration and their processes.

With the platform-based software components and services in the information management area, you will be supported while creating a lively and growing information network – securely, responsibly and sustainably. Our information management solutions and technologies, which cover processes, documents and objects, create the basis for digital platforms.

Together with our cooperation partners we provide our customers with a comprehensive digitalization strategy.

Our Partners

In the “e-government solutions” business segment we work together with BCT Deutschland GmbH (BCT) and GreenGate AG.

Do you want to get to know our digital strategy?

CMP international community

For further information about our CMP international community please write us at:

CMP International AG
Löhestraße 18
53773 Hennef
Tel.: +49 2242 96976-30
Fax: +49 2242 96976-33


CMP International AG
Löhestraße 18
53773 Hennef

Tel.: +49 2242 96976-30
Fax: +49 2242 96976-33


District Court Siegburg, HRB 9455

Wilfried Maiworm (Chairman), Wolfgang Adams, Denis Kawel, Dr. Jan Kadelke

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